Cancer Is the Number One Killer of Firefighters

Clean gear now is more important than ever.

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Clean Gear is Healthy Gear

Turnout Gear is designed to protect a firefighter in a fire. Poorly maintained gear does not protect the firefighter as well as it should, and poorly cleaned gear does not mitigate the carcinogens. This impacts the long term health of firefighters. This is why HAWAII PPE is dedicated to providing firefighters with clean gear. 

Compliance to NFPA 1851 requires bi-annual advanced cleaning and inspection by a verified ISP, as well as a care and maintenance program in the departments. HAWAII PPE offers this program to fire stations. Complete advanced inspection and repairs performed at our facilities include test and repair liners and moisture barriers – both critical to the safety of the fire fighters. In case of death or injury, tracking information on gear is essential for liability. Our facility has the best technology for tracking advanced cleaning and repairs for this reason.

Proper care and maintenance of your PPE lengthens the life of the gear, thus impacting expenditures. Clean gear is healthy gear, and healthy gear saves lives.


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